Connected Home

Ahead of Time

From sundials and weathercocks to hourglasses and water clocks – since time immemorial, the passage of time and the movement of the skies have captured our imagination and affected the way we live our lives and the spaces we live in. As our technology grows more sophisticated, so too do our tools to measure the hours and read the weather. Our Time and Weather range taps into our primordial urge to learn more about the world around us, and to anticipate the unexpected.


Weather Stations

Fill Your Day with Sunshine
Don’t let unexpected weather ruin your day. Predict rain and shine with attractive digital weather stations well-suited to your personal needs, including models that utilize the latest in wireless technology, from Bluetooth connectivity to smart apps. Whether you're a weather hobbyist minding the skies, a farmer looking out for your crops, a party-planner working around the weather, or you just want to dress appropriately for your daily commute, there’s a weather station for you.


Digital Clocks

It's the Time of Your Life
Make waking up an event to look forward to! These charming clocks keep precise time and project it digitally onto your wall or ceiling, so there’s no need for sleepy-eyed fumbling on the nightstand. Soothing alternatives to traditional alarms, along with a variety of attractive and easy-to-read LCD displays, make telling the time a pleasure.


Cutting-edge Home Essentials

Make Time for What Matters
The right clock does more than tell the hour and minute - it tells onlookers about the lifestyle, aesthetics and personality of those who inhabit a room. From the smart practicality of the Projection Clock to the exquisite fusion of beauty and function in the Crystal Weather Station, a well-chosen timepiece is the mark of a tastefully appointed home.