Learning & Fun

Connecting Exploration with Fun

The universe is a boundless playground for children to explore, and the keys to this vast reserve of knowledge and creativity are within your reach. Our Learning & Fun range caters to the young and the young-at-heart with entertaining and easily understood knowledge about the cosmos and the world around us. Stimulate your child’s imagination and their ability to think and give them the lifelong gift of a curious mind.


At Home on Earth
Bring the world to your living room with an interactive talking globe that grants you access to a full electronic atlas, along with fast facts on nations, capitals, populations, leaders, currency, weather and national anthems at the touch of a pen. Expand your view with expansions that take you to the stars above, and on a journey through the mysterious and extremes of our world. SmartGlobe™ is updateable via the Internet, so you and your family will always be up to date on planet Earth.

Kids’ Tablets

A Digital Playground
Introduce children to the world of computers with a tablet made just for them. Rugged and kid-friendly MEEP! tablets offer hours of fun, with the downloads, apps and games that kids expect alongside the virtual control and supervision that parents want. The range includes a variety of add-ons and accessories that make these tablets as versatile as any adult tablet, and a safe and entertaining first step into the Internet age.