Fitness & Health

The Path to a Healthier You

For sports and outdoors enthusiasts on the go, we’ve created tools to calculate how well you’ve performed, inside and out. Our Sports, Fitness & Health line features accessories that calculate your heart rate and other internal functions, track your performance and position on the field, in the wild and under the waves, and help you set effective personal health goals. Whether you’re a casual jogger or an intrepid outdoorsman, we have products that enable you to life the full and active lifestyle you crave.

Fitness & Health Monitoring

Motivated to Move
Bring your health into focus with our all-in-one fitness monitors that track your physical condition and activity to help you get active and fine-tune your exercise schedule. From BMI-calculating smart scales and stat-tracking blood pressure monitors to pedometers and wristbands that use Bluetooth technology to encourage activity and apps to help families share fitness progress and cheer each other on, this high-tech array of monitoring equipment helps you stay on top of your personal fitness and set healthy goals.

Sports & Training

Fitness Tools for the 21st Century
Work-out smarter, not harder, with modern fitness tools that set you on the path to better health. Make your workout more efficient with comprehensive heart rate monitors that feature built-in fitness programs, optimal pacing advice and calorie-burning calculations, and return flexibility to your exercise routine with the Ssmart Watch, which uses Bluetooth and apps to communicate with your smart devices so you can free yourself from gyms and schedules.

Action Camera

Capture the Thrill
Savor each glorious moment of your game with hands-free self-contained digital video cameras that follow you to the track, the field, the great outdoors and even under the waves. These smart, shock-resistant cameras are built to withstand extreme conditions, so you’ll always be able to capture the excitement of the moment and the thrill of the win, and share it with the world.