Bring Balance to Your Life

In the midst of our busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight of our physical and emotional well-being. We often believe that we haven’t time to take care of ourselves, but the simplest actions can help us soothe away the daily aches and irritations, and restore us to complete holistic peace. Our Wellness range makes looking after yourself easy and accessible at work or at home.

Aroma Diffusers

Infuse Your Senses in Calm
Find tranquility wherever you are and whenever you need it. Beautifully designed with your lifestyle in mind, our smart aroma diffuser range comes in elegant home models with natural wood or simulated marble finishes, as well as convenient travel models perfect for conference rooms half a world from the comforts of home. A soft scented mist restores your spirits, while features such as delicate mood lighting and natural sounds work together to ease your mood and soothe your senses.

Sleep Aid

A Refreshing Start
Let nature lend a hand when falling asleep and waking up becomes a struggle. Our wake up light and app tracks your sleep patterns to determine your optimal waking time, at which it simulates the glow of dawn and soothing nature sounds to stimulate your senses and tell your own internal clock that it’s time to rise. You wake gradually and naturally, without sudden or intrusive alarms, allowing you to sleep more restfully and step out of bed fully refreshed even on the coldest winter morning.

Air Sanitizers & Purifiers

Make a Clean Break
The conveniences of modern living take their toll on our personal environment, both outside in the streets and inside our homes and offices. Our Wellness range includes a wide variety of air sanitizers and purifiers that create a healthy oasis from this dust and debris in any room, whether bedroom or boardroom, so you can breathe easy.

Health & Well-being

Take Care of Yourself
In the midst of a full and active life, it’s easy to overlook one’s own personal needs. To the rescue is our Health & Well-being line of handy, high-tech tools that fit seamlessly into even the busiest lifestyle to provide support at-home and on-the-go for relaxation, energy, and to help prevent daily stress. Let us make your full and active life just a little easier to enjoy.